Sanitizing Stations

We offer a range of sanitizing dispensor stations, with either an elbow or foot operated mechanism, depending on what is most appropriate for the space it’s going to be deployed in. 

We are also able to supply 1lt bottles of sanitizing liquid with our sanitizing stations – while stock last.

Elbow operated

The elbow operated stations can be wall mounted or free standing, and supplied with branding or a communication message to encourage use. 

Fully adjustable to fit most bottle sizes and with a unique flow limiter to adjust quantity of liquid being dispensed, saving money and liquid being used. 

Another unique feature is the anti theft mechanism, preventing bottles being easily taken off the sanitizing station. 

From premium solutions for high end retail / corporate clients through to cost effective value solutions for when price or quantity of sanitizing stations required becomes a key factor. 

Foot operated

The foot operated sanitizing liquid dispenser is a free standing unit that can also acommodate a range of different sized sanitizer bottles.

It has a digitally printed correx backboard with either a generic COVID message or customized brand/corporate communication design.

Sanitising station