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Display Stands


A well designed FSU or display stand is more than just a simple advertising tool to increases the rate of sale of a product in a retail store. That’s why, at Action Frames, we follow a design process that starts off with a thorough understanding of your brand, and the environment you operate in, and translates this into a display solution that meets a number of different functional and emotional needs for your brand and its consumers.

We are not limited in the substrates that we use to manufacture our FSU’s and work with whatever is appropriate, from a design and cost perspective, including:

  • Correx
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Perspex
  • X-Board

Portability and ease of assembly are key elements to all our stand designs and, wherever possible, we try to ensure the stands are flat packed to reduce transport costs and to assist merchandisers in getting the stands to where they need to be deployed.